Arabic IQOS Heets Turquoise Selection in Dubai,UAE


Arabic IQOS Heets Turquoise Selection: A Cool Menthol Symphony

Unveil the Refreshing Essence

Introducing the captivating Arabic IQOS Heets Turquoise Selection—a journey into the realm of cool menthol sensations that promises to awaken your senses. Embark on a multisensory adventure through three distinct dimensions that define this unique tobacco offering.

Coolness Redefined

Embrace the Chill of Menthol Infusion

Dive into a realm of invigorating coolness with the Arabic IQOS Heets Turquoise Selection. Within each meticulously crafted carton, discover ten packs of delight, totaling 200 sticks of pure satisfaction. As you unpack the treasures, you’ll find that each stick contains a carefully balanced mixture of tobacco and menthol, creating a symphony of refreshments that ignites your senses with every inhale.

A Journey of Sensations

Unearth the Mellow Symphony of Flavor

Prepare to be enchanted by the mellow yet impactful symphony of flavor that defines the Arabic IQOS Heets Turquoise Selection. With a body and intensity rating of 2 out of 5 stars, this blend offers a gentle embrace of sensations that cater to both the connoisseur and the curious. The fragrance, depicted by a 1 out of 5-star aroma rating, is a subtle companion that accompanies your journey, never overpowering the delicate dance of flavors.

Universal Harmony

Compatible Luxury for Every Device

The Arabic IQOS Heets Turquoise Selection extends its allure to a range of IQOS devices, including IQOS 3 DUO, IQOS 3, IQOS 3 MULTI, IQOS 2.4 Plus, and IQOS Lil Solid. This compatibility ensures that no matter your preference, you can relish the essence of this tobacco blend with your favored device. A harmonious union of taste and technology, this offering

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